Happy Civic Holiday, Canada!

by Joey deVilla on August 5, 2013

niagara falls - snowbirds - chris hadfield

Found via Reddit. Click the photo to see at full size.

Even though I’m in Tampa as I write this, I’d like to wish the people in those provinces in Canada that get a day off today a happy Civic Holiday! I’m sending this greeting in the form of a photo taken by Colonel Chris Hadfield, the Space Station’s best spokesperson ever, who took this shot while flying over Niagara Falls with the Snowbirds earlier today.

The Civic Holiday is held on the first first Monday of August, and judging by the many names it goes under and that fact that it’s not celebrated everywhere, it seems to exist largely as an excuse to have a long weekend in August. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Here are the names it goes by:

Want to know how the various civic holidays got their names? The Globe and Mail tells all.

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