Rob Ford’s Call-In Radio Fans Named “Dave” are the Same Guy, and He’s Now One of His Staff

by Joey deVilla on June 25, 2013

rob ford at the radio mic

Rob Ford on his call-in talk radio show, sporting his old ‘do,
before his new, close-cropped, you-can’t-test-this-for-drugs buzz cut.

Dave Price, the director of operations and logistics of Toronto’s raging embarrassment of a mayor, Rob Ford, used to call in to the mayor’s Sunday call-in talk radio show and claim to be Dave various parts of the city. Dave lives in Georgetown, although he’s called in as “Dave from Scarborough”, “Dave from Etobicoke”, and Dave from other regions of the city, always to heap praise on the mayor and his brother, Doug Ford, who lives under the delusion that he was elected to be co-mayor. Dave was he mayor’s high school football coach back when Rob was a student, and was Rob’s campaign manager in the 2010 election.

While this sort of thing is hardly voter suppression, embezzlement, or hey, a complete refusal to explain posing for a picture in which two guys are in jail, one was shot in apparent gang activity and the backdrop is a known crack den, but it still is a sign of the “rules are for other people” approach that His Worship is known for.

Oddly enough, this story was run by the Toronto Sun, the preferred misinformation source of Accordion City’s low-information voter crowd, and normally play the part of Animal Farm’s sheep to the Ford brothers’ Old Major and Napoleon.

In honour of these calls from Dave — well, at least Price was telling the truth about his name — here’s the Kids in the Hall’s classic routine, The Daves I Know:

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