In Which Thomas Mulcair Takes the Prime Minister Behind the Shed for a Much-Needed Spanking

by Joey deVilla on May 29, 2013

eye of stephen

The brouhaha surrounding Toronto’s city hall over a video that allegedly shows the mayor smoking crack is still small potatoes compared to what’s going on in the federal government. There’s a scandal over expenses inappropriately claimed by senators and even more inappropriately paid for and covered up by the governing Conservative Party. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to distance himself and claim no knowledge of any of those happenings, but given that’s he’s a bit of an autocratic control freak and the incident involves his hand-picked Chief of Staff writing a $90,000 personal cheque to a senator who expected the Prime Minister’s Office to cover improperly-claimed expenses, it’s pretty unlikely.

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair did an excellent job grilling the Prime Minister by dealing with him as one would deal with a petulant adolescent who’s been caught lifting the scotch from the liquor cabinet: ask short, simple questions, and if the answers aren’t satisfactory, ask again. The video below shows the outcome: Mulcair does a killer job as our weaselly Prime Minister dodges, weaves, misdirects, and like that petulant adolescent, wishes he could tell Mommy and Daddy to “eff off”, but for all his vainglorious claims to being the boss of himself, can’t.

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