All Sorts of Dim Sum News, Including the Next Toronto Techie Dim Sum

by Joey deVilla on April 30, 2013

Dim Sum Pop’s Guide for Dim Sum Virgins


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If you’ve ever gone for dim sum and had trouble picking items, you might find this guide handy.

The only suggestion on the chart that I disagree with is chicken feet, simply because it’s a scam: it’s the restaurant’s way of getting you to pay for bones. Unless you’re ordering and eating them to either freak out your less-adventurous dinner companions or win a bet, don’t bother ordering them.

Dim Sum Pop’s Dim Sum Badges

dim sum badges
They’re like merit badges, but tastier! Dim Sum Pop, the people behind the guide above, have also created these 1″ badges featuring some dim sum favourites. I may have to order the pack.

The Return of Toronto Techie Dim Sum!

dim sum
It’s time to bring back Toronto Techie Dim Sum! How does Thursday, May 16th at Sky Dragon (Spadina and Dundas) grab you?

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James May 3, 2013 at 9:18 pm

Joey, are you kidding? Dim Sum? Yes!

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