Chogokin King Robo Mickey and Friends (or: What Happens When Disney Goes Voltron)

by Joey deVilla on October 23, 2012

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The term for mecha that combine to form super-mecha — such as with both versions of Voltron or the Transformers’ Devastator and Superion — is “combiner”. Tamashii Nations (Tamashii means soul; it’s another way of writing Damacy, as in Katamari) a group of companies that make Japanese collectibles, has this stunning combiner in which mecha versions of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Pluto’s doghouse, and the steamboat from Steamboat Willie join to form something I’m going to call “Waltron”.

Its actual name is Chogokin King Robo Mickey and Friends, and the official names of the sentai members are:

  • Ace Willy (head)
  • Jet Mickey (torso)
  • Sky Minnie (torso)
  • Diver Donald (arms)
  • Aqua Daisy (arms)
  • Land Goofy (legs)
  • Dash Pluto (legs)
  • Doghouse (legs)

(Chogokin is Japanese for “super alloy”.)

According to the Japanese entertainment blog Jefusion, Chogokin King Robo Mickey and Friends will debut at a Tamashii Nations event from October 26th through 28th and will hit store shelves in March at the price of ¥13,440 (USD$169 / CAD$167 as of this writing).

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