“What if Star Wars: Episode I Was Good?”: Fixing “The Phantom Menace”

by Joey deVilla on February 25, 2012

What if Star Wars: Episode I was Good? is a question that Belated Media asks and answers in the video above. The narrator imagines a better movie, in which Obi-Wan Kenobi is the main character — something the actual movie lacks — and the plot is reworked so that it isn’t so scattered. In other words, a movie that couldn’t be made by someone whose incentive is not to tell a great story but to move as much movie-related merchandise as possible.

In case you don’t remember what’s wrong with Star Wars: Episode I, here’s Red Letter Media’s excellent deconstruction (parts 1 and 2):

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Colin Smillie February 25, 2012 at 12:08 pm

I’d be happy if we could something like this:


And remove Jar Jar from all scenes….

Susan February 25, 2012 at 12:45 pm

I enjoyed this video more than I enjoyed any of the prequels. It would totally work done like this!

ChangedbyDefault February 26, 2012 at 9:22 am

1. They should’ve explained it more onto why the Trade Federation was invading Naboo and why did they send two jedi’s to deal with the problem.

2. Yes, Obi Wan should have been the main character and Qui-Gon can make a good supporting chacracter in this film.

3. The thing about the blockade is that it’s a blockade, it should prevent aynone or anybody from getting off the planet. Which would also be an excellent chance to

prove how awesome the Jedi were and why they are the guardians of peace and justice.

My suggestion would be when the pilot was about to fly the ship off the planet he gets nervous because they’re not going to make it and Qui-Gon or Obi Wan can

hypnotise one of the aliens in the trade federation ship so that they can get through. Just when they thought that they have made it through the Vice-Roy stop the one

that was being controlled and “dude wtf are you doing?” and the alien was like huh as if he was waking up from a trance. And they send ships to stop the escape

cruiser and end up in a wild chase that does damage to the ship and land on Tatooine.

4. I think there should have been a “thing” between Obi Wan and Amidala that can also be a good character development in the story plus the fight between him and

Anakin in episode 3 would have been awesome.

5. Anakin should’ve been a preteen and not a toddler, because Anakin was a slave it can also be an addition to how the hard life of being a slave and the suffering he

went through can add to why he turned into the dark side but because he’s still young he still has good in him and he can learn than being a young adult which can also

make him somewhat rebellious.

6. In the final battle the jedi vs sith battle should still be different, kinda like they all team up to get viceroy but darth Maul shows up and somehow their fighting led them

away from Amidala.

7. Instead of the gungans vs the droids battle that took place far in some far locations the naboo and gungans can team up to get the viceroy. So the battle is going to

take place in the city as it should be since a diversion is useless, I don’t know I don’t see the point to it. They could send pilots up in space just in case the Trade

Federation sends back up on Naboo.

I also think that instead of the naboo ships that were the only ones in space they could also make a team assault on the blockade so both naboo and the gungans

flying in space, just my opinon.

8. Oh they should never ever kill Darth Maul. Again just a suggestion, the movie had a lot of potential and call me stupid but I also loved the prequels be thankful there

are people who care enough to write a review.

Part 2 for the Clone Wars
In clone wars instead of obi wan playing detective for the jedi order it can be like a wild chase of cat and mouse wherein the more he discovers the truth the more

danger he’s in. Which can also lead to a run in between Darth Maul and him. If they want to add Count Dooku in this film it could be like the emperor and darth maul

needed help so they asked for Dooku’s help on this matter.

So that would make him rank higher than Darth Maul but not equal to the emperor. Being a political idealist and all as they mentioned in episode 2 the Count could also

make a potential antagonist for Anakin but make him a minor character and all. Dooku’s view on society plus Anakin’s troubled past can build some tension in the story.

Which can also make Dooku somewhat responsible for Anakin transforming into Vader.

Anakin should’ve been a preteen and not a toddler, because he was a slave it can also be an addition to how the hard life of being a slave and the suffering he went

through can add to why he turned into the dark side but because he’s still young and naive there is good in him and he can learn and grow.

And how guarding Padme can make her see that Anakin needs help so when she’s comforting him while they were on Tatooine would make Anakin fall in love with her.

And because Obi Wan was away in some mission and all there could be some tension and a possible love triangle between the three of them. So Obi Wan would be

a the Responsible one, Anakin should’ve the troubled hot shot and Padme is the caring love interest between them.

Keith November 17, 2012 at 3:12 pm

So what I am hearing here is “I want Episode 1 to be an Episode 4 scene by scene, beat for beat rehash.

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