Family Christmas Card Nudity: Just Say No [Updated]

by Joey deVilla on December 13, 2011

Faily posing in front of Christmas tree, children in front row, parents in back row. Everyone is in matching pajamas, except for Dad, who's naked.

You might be trying to convey your wacky sense of humour and comfort in your own skin with your family Christmas card nudity, but it just comes off as creepy.

Mom and children sitting down posing in pajamas as nude father reclines behind them

Really creepy, in fact:

Family of 4 posing in Santa hats, fig leaves and nothing else.

For more funny, cringe-inducing and all-round regrettable Christmas cards, check out this article: Top 53 des pires photos de famille de Noël (The 53 Worst Christmas Family Photos).


Johnny Lee reminded me of something I’d mentally blocked: tech writer Robert Cringely’s nude family Christmas card and his battle with FedEx Kinko’s to get it printed.

Robert Cringley, his wife and three sons, mude in the kitchen, except for Santa hats and strategically-placed cookie sheets

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