Monthly Archives: November 2011

The End of Movember, The Magnificent Bastard and a Suggested Alternative to “Julyna”

The End of Movember and The Magnificent Bastard It’s November 30th, the end of “Movember”, the moustache-growing charity event to raise money for and awareness of men’s health, especially with cancer in the “frank-and-beans” area. Pictured above is my own facial hair contribution to Movember, as it appeared last Saturday night. I used to sport […]

Lost Moments #5: “@Bert: The Magic is Gone”

I saw these two at the corner of Richmond and John while biking home from the Silver Snail Hallowe’en party and couldn’t resist taking a shot. They were just two guys in costumes who were tuckered out from a night’s partying, but it looked like they were doing a performance art piece titled Ernie and […]

“Accordion Guy’s” Tenth Anniversary

Life (along with those rat bastards at Bell Canada, who’ve bunged up the internet connection at my place until Thursday) has conspired to keep me from blogging here on Accordion Guy for the past little while, which is a real shame for a couple of reasons. For starters, there’s been a lot of interesting stuff […]

Pepper Spray, Meet Lemon Pledge

There’ve been a lot of photo remixes of the “Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop” (a.k.a. Officer John Pike); this one featuring Consuela (the Mexican-or-Filipino maid from Family Guy) is my favourite.

I’ll Take a Four-Pack, Please

This picture of four sleeping husky puppies stacked like Lego is doing the internet rounds right now and it’s just too cute not to post.

Scenes from Bordeaux “After-Work” Party

Between work, travel and living in Ottawa for the summer, I’ve been missing the Bordeaux After-Work Party events that have been taking place in Accordion City all year. I’ wish I could’ve made this one at Marben: Or this one at Eight Wine Bar: However, on Monday, October 24th, the date of the final one […]

50 Cent is Now on Shopify!

Curtis Jackson, the rapper better known to the world as “Fitty Cent”, has a company called SMS Audio and they launched their Shopify-based shop today. The shop is called SMS By 50 and it’s the go-to place for premium headphones. The headphones come in three flavours: wired, wireless and earbuds. They’re currently available for pre-sale […]