Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mayor Griffin, er, Ford Issues “Remove and Dispose” Order for NOW Magazine

The cover this week’s NOW Magazine, one of the alt-weekly papers here in Toronto/Accordion City/Petoria, features a cover story with Photoshopped pictures of this fine city’s Peter Griffin-esque mayor Rob Ford wearing boxer shorts and less. The Toronto Star reports that in response, the mayor’s office sent out email orders to “remove and dispose” all […]

Crack: Worse For You Than You Thought!

Just look at its effects:

Seen Yesterday in Kensington Market

The T-shirt guys wasted no time in capitalizing on the whole Charlie Sheen thing… …and the Biebz’ popularity shows no signs of fading:

The Biebz Gets Excited, Then Doesn’t

This one goes out to my friend Jodi Brown, who loves herself a good LOLBieber.

Error of the Day

I believe they meant imminent, not immanent. Either that, or perhaps they feel that using the right homophone is for conformists.

Tweetgasm Tonight at the Gladstone

It’s the return of Accordion City’s monthly tweetup, Tweetgasm, to the venerable Gladstone Hotel’s Melody Bar. Hosted by Rannie “Photojunkie” Turingan and DJ’d by the DJ Duo Speedboats and Big Explosions, this is your chance to mix and mingle with the local twitterati, including Yours Truly. The fun starts at 6:30 p.m. and runs until […]

It’s Spring!

Spring officially began yesterday, and hopefully the weather will play along. To celebrate, here’s a cute little ditty that was a hit ‘round here in Canada in my last days at Crazy Go Nuts University: The First Day of Spring by The Gandharvas.