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And How Was YOUR Saturday Night?

Photo courtesy of Certified Bullshit Technician. Mine was pretty nice, and nothing like the pic above: just dinner at Madras Masala followed by drinks at The Rhino with my friends Maria and James. Despite the cold, there were lineups aplenty outside many establishments on Queen west of Dufferin, which Accordion City long-timers should find a […]

“Said the Gramophone’s” Best Songs of 2010

If you’re looking to fatten up your music collection and you don’t exist solely on a diet of top 40, check out the Best Songs of 2010 list at the indie/alternative MP3 blog Said the Gramophone. It lists what they consider to be the 100 best songs of 2010 and for a little while longer, […]

The Local Gaggle

For the past few days, my street has become the new home to a gaggle (or perhaps a few gaggles – I can’t tell one from the other) of Canada geese. At certain times of the day – typically in the morning and mid-afternoon, you can see them, just hanging around. Fun fact: Gaggle is […]

Board Game Jam: This Weekend in Toronto

If you’re in the Toronto area and have been thinking about getting into game development, whether for “stationary” devices like desktops, laptops and consoles or “mobile” devices such as tablets, slates and phones, you might want to go attend this weekend’s Board Game Jam, which takes place in Toronto this weekend. Once the sole province […]

“But First, Chocolate Mousse!”

“Violence escalates in Egypt, the Egyptian government cuts off the internet, and up next, a man shot in a Cairo  protest. But first, chocolate mousse!”

Hanging Out with Kevin Steele

Photo by Kevin Steele. Click to see it on its Flickr page. When Coffee and Code at Cloud Free Agent Espresso Bar wound down late Wednesday afternoon, I took a perch at the bar by the big window facing Queen Street West. Kevin Steele, my friend and former coworker at Mackerel Interactive Multimedia, my first job […]

Caption, Please

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