September 2010

Tonight at HacklabTO: Cooking for Geeks!

by Joey deVilla on September 20, 2010

Cover of "Cooking for Geeks"

If you’re in or around Toronto’s Kensington Market area tonight, you might want to drop by the Hacklab (170a Baldwin Street, above Graffiti’s) to see O’Reilly author Jeff Potter as his book tour for Cooking for Geeks stops at Toronto’s downtown hackerspace. He’ll be there, talking about his book and possibly treating us to a demo or two, and I’ll be there, helping to host the event. Jeff says he’ll have a number of books on him for sale – but note that it’s first come, first serve, and I’m buying one!

Here’s a video of the author showing you how to make ice cream in 30 seconds (with liquid nitrogen!):

The event starts tonight (Monday, September 20th) at 7:00 p.m. – be there!

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I Need “Booth Brains”!

by Joey deVilla on September 17, 2010

you could be here

I need “booth brains” at the Windows Phone 7 booth at FITC Mobile 2010 tomorrow (Saturday). “Booth brains” are like “booth bunnies”, but smarter (and of either gender).

If you’re technically inclined and curious about Windows Phone 7 or a Windows Phone 7 developer who’d like some deployment time with a real Windows Phone 7 device, this is your opportunity! I need to maintain the Windows Phone 7 booth at the FITC Mobile 2010 conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. Right now, I’m the only person available to take care of the booth and I need help! You don’t need to know everything about Windows Phone 7 – I can brief you. I need enthusiastic people who can help me run things, and I’ll feed you, too!

(And yes, helping me gets you into FITC 2010, and we can take turns minding the booth so you can catch a session or two.)

Interested in helping me out? Drop me a line – and as soon as possible, please!

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.


They Know Us Well

by Joey deVilla on September 15, 2010

These stickers are posted above the urinals and toilets in the men’s rooms at Vancouver Convention Centre:

dont drink from the urinal

Also: That thing in the urinal that looks like a big mint? It’s not a big mint.

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My Answer is “Yes”, But You Knew That

by Joey deVilla on September 15, 2010

I’m with the bird:

are you happyComic by Tom Gauld for The Guardian. Click it to see it on its original page.

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In Vancouver September 11 – 16

by Joey deVilla on September 11, 2010


I’ll be in Vancouver starting this afternoon and staying there until around noon on Thursday. I’m there to help run Microsoft’s TechDays conference, and with a little luck, catch up with some friends. See you there!

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Dinosaur Colouring Book + Hipster-Bashing = Hilarity

by Joey deVilla on September 10, 2010

It’s like walking around Parkdale or the south end of Ossington, just with more dinosaurs:

hipster dinosaurs

These treatments are the work of the young ukelele-playing nerd un-pop-star Molly Lewis.


Monstrous Discrepancies

by Joey deVilla on September 9, 2010

Not only should you read this comic now, you should also come back to re-read every now and again. That’s how much truth it has.

'Monstrous Discrepancies' comic

Click the comic to see the original at’s comic, Subnormality.