Today’s Subway Ride…

…reminded me of why I tend to bike downtown and inspired me to doctor a classic panel from Batman:

bad transit

(For those of you not from Toronto: the TTC is the Toronto Transit Commission, Accordion City’s public transit system.)

One reply on “Today’s Subway Ride…”

1. I can never hear or understand the announcements. My heard is adequate and I am a native speaker. The issue is the microphones, the conductors and the speaker systems. There’s a lot of noise in the subway, you need to speak LOUDLY first of all.

2. If there’s a problem, I can’t hear the announcement and there’s no indication that anyone else knows there is a problem. There’s not ETA there’s no one directing us to leave the subway and use the shuttle buses (which are not there and usually consist of ambushed buses who didn’t hear about this shutdown). A lack of communication inside of the TTC to itself as well as a lack of communication to customers.

3. Lack of flexiblity. I must say, yesterday I witnessed an express bus stopping at a non-express stop (a bus had been due for a while). I was surprised. This is the kind of flexibility that is necessary to deal with situations such as late buses and bad congestion. TTC must be intelligent about current situations.

The only benefit the TTC has over a car is parking. In most cases it is always slower than driving.

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