Burger King’s Soft Drink Pairings

Stickers showing Burger King's suggested food-soft drink pairings: Coke with the Whoppers, Diet Coke with Tendergrill Salad, Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich and BK Veggie Burger and Sprite with BK Chicken Fries, Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich and The Angus

I’ve seen wine pairings and even beer pairings, but pop (or “soda” or “coke”, depending on where you’re from) pairings are new to me. This photo comes from a Burger King in Vallejo, California.

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Which BK in Vallejo was this? Any idea if they still have the sticker up there? This photo is making the rounds again on Reddit, and lots of people think it’s a hoax. Might be, but wanted to ask.

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