How Bailouts Work: A Photo Editorial

My friend Eldon sent me the following photo editorial, which illustrates its author’s view of TARP:










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photo 7 green truck is identical with photo 9 blue truck, even the people are in the same position …

There are also 3 trucks in the water in the final photo. I’s supposed to be over the top. Saying it’s shopped is like pointing out the strings in a marionette show. Just enjoy the metaphor. Too apropos!

This is a fake !

Look at the top right on the 7st pic, do you see the bird ?
Look now at the last pic (at top right), do you see the same bird at the same place ?


(sorry for the bad english, I’m french)

FAKE ^^ same comment as ras allover, pics are the same, a bit of photoshop and it’s done. not really well done by the way

There’s no need to point out which pictures are fake. Everybody gets it. Whoop de doo. Very funny.

hey guys i dont know if anyone else has realised this but those last two are photoshopped…no seriously…how has no one realised this yet???

never mind the seagull, look at the people all looking the same pose-wise!

guys…I think some of these are, shopped!

Holy Shit! The bird in both photos revealing that it’s fake- anyone here read the Hunger Games- Mockingjay??? That’s like the exact plot!

Haha, just freaked out about that for a moment. Anyways- funny photos.

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