A Great Gordon Ramsay Interview

I found a great Gordon Ramsay interview on the BBC talk show Parkinson in which he covers a number of topics, including:

  • Why it’s difficult to serve his mom at his restaurant
  • Is all that screaming really necessary to run a restaurant?
  • Why he doesn’t do dinner parties at home
  • The “his and hers” kitchens at his house: his is 1,500 square feet and has a code lock on the door
  • Working long days in Parisian kitchens and having a French girlfriend (“It’s like going to bed with a Rottweiler strapped to your chest”).

The interview’s a couple of years old, but it’s making the rounds on the internet right now. I figure that if it’s new to me, it’s likely new to at least a few other people, so I thought I’d point you to it. To watch it, click here or click the photo below:

Gordon Ramsay on his interview on BBC’s “Parkinson”
Click the photo to watch the interview.

By the bye, the video’s posted on VidKing, a celebrity video site that I’m working on reviving. Give it a look and let me know what you’d like to see on it, in terms of videos or features.

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The video doesn’t play on FF 2.0 with NoScript enabled. I allowed the primary domain: is there any other that I need to permit?

(When I temporarily allowed all scripts, I got an ad in the video screen asking me to click the naughty button, and I backed out. Are you actually working on this site and trust the people behind it? It would give me more incentive to trust it.)

@Mary: Hey there! Thanks for the feedback!

The videos on VidKing are plain old Flash videos served from the domain. As far as I can tell, allowing the primary domain should be sufficient.

I’m actually working on the site. Vidking is a b5media property that got acquired sometime last year and earmarked “do something with this site sometime”. It used to be a free-for-all video upload/playback site, which meant that all sorts of videos got uploaded to it — a number were just dumb, a number were porn. We’re gearing it towards celebrity videos, so I’ve expunged the porn (about 1,400 or so files) and am looking to get the site redesigned and refitted.

My first (and current) assignment as Tech Project Manager at b5 is to give some love to some projects that have been overlooked, and VidKing is the biggest of them. Hence I’m asking for feedback.

OK, it’s working now with just permitted — thanks! And thanks for the SharPei interview. I don’t think I could work for him, but I could watch him all day.

Who is the woman in the photo at Gordon Ramsay’s left hand during the interview. I’ve seen her before, but as I’m from the states I don’t know who it is.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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