She Wants a Bodyguard for Her Wedding

by Joey deVilla on December 20, 2007

Joey deVilla wearing sunglasses, a large suit, black shirt and light tie
That’s a photo of me circa fall 1999 playing a thug for a film project of my friend Scott Watkins.

The Ginger Ninja pointed me to this Craigslist Toronto “help wanted” ad for an unusual one-shot job:

I’m looking for a polished, professional bodyguard for a one day gig. Someone similar to ex cia ,csis, fbi, or secret service to hire as my personal bodyguard for my wedding. You’ve all seen the movie “The Bodyguard”? Make it so and contact me.

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Maria December 21, 2007 at 11:26 am

It is a potentially dangerous job. Does she want the accessory, or does she really want the protection?

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