Audio Advent Calendar #21: Two More "Six Million Dollar Man" Christmas Adventures

by Joey deVilla on December 21, 2006

Audio Advent Calendar, December 21.

Yesterday, I presented two “radio play” style MP3 files starring Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, in various Christmas-related bionic adventures. Today, I present two more:

  • Christmas Lights (7.4 MB MP3): A few days before Christmas, Air Defense Command intercepts a strange coded communication and Steve must help decipher it. You get three guesses as to the origin and content of the message.
  • Elves’ Revolt (8.1 MB MP3): The elves have gone on strike and have allied themselves with a terrorist and the polar icecap is melting! It sounds like the sort of thing that the NDP would get in a tizzy about, but instead it’s up to Steve Austin to save the day.

While we’re talking about the Six Million Dollar Man, take a look at these bionic goodies…

The intro and theme song we know wasn’t the only one — there was an alternate intro and theme with lyrics sung by Dusty Springfield! Here it is:

Here’s the Quebec French intro for the show, L’Homme de Six Millions. Note that instead of “Better…faster…stronger,”, they say “stronger…faster…better”. I’m surprised I don’t hear a “tabernac!” in the dialogue when the ship crashes:

Here’s the German intro:

Here’s the Hong Kong (Cantonese) version. Note that his name isn’t “Steve Austin”:

Unlike the other intros, the Italian one isn’t the American intro with dubbed dialogue; they rolled their own:

And last but not least, here’s the Six Million Rupee Man, a skit from the British/Indian sitcom Goodness Gracious Me:

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Anonymous December 22, 2006 at 2:09 am

Additionnally, you can also find the French version, which updated entirely the title : it’s “L’homme qui valait 3 milliards“, translated “the man who was worth 3 billions”. Guess French Francs weren’t worth that much compared to USD at the times 🙂

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