Monthly Archives: August 2006

Going Golfing

I think the last time I played golf was in the early 1990s with George. I have no idea what possessed us to go golfing — we were spending the summer in our university town, Kingston — but a group of us decided to hit the greens. One particular moment I remember was when George […]

If You Sent Me Email Yesterday…

…then please forgive my slow response. I seem to be receiving yesterday’s email in one big lump (I was wondering why it was so quiet), and I’m responding as quickly as I can. Thanks for your understanding!

Travel Advisory for People Flying to the British Isles

In case you’re flying to the British Isles, please note that the security level at their airports is still at “Severe” (the second-highest level, one just below “Critical”). By now, you’re probably aware of the current restriction that prohibits you from bringing liquids, gels and aerosols onto a plane, but you might not be aware […]

I’m Entitled to a "Snakes on a Plane" Joke

I haven’t gone overboard with the Snakes on a Plane jokes, so I think I’ll post this one…

I’ll be at the php|works / db|works Conference, September 13th – 15th

The php | works / db | works conference takes place in Toronto from Wednesday, September 13th through Friday, September 15th. I’ll be attending, taking my traditional copious notes and taking accordion requests. Click here for a complete schedule and synopses of the sessions.

A Little Something to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Over at The Toronto Star, they’re running a collection of reader-submitted stories about little kind acts that local have done for their fellow human beings.

Build Your Own Sesame Street "Yup Yup" Aliens

Even now, the Sesame Street skit shown below (click to view the skit) is one of my all-time favourites: The “Yup Yup” aliens meet a phone. Click to see the video. “Mr. Neutron” has posted a photo-how-to showing you how to make your own “Yup Yup” aliens for your own backyard puppet shows. Keep it […]