Exciting New Doritos Flavour!

Never mind “Cool Ranch” or “Black Pepper Jack” Doritos — all the cool kids eat “Swift Kick to the ‘Nads” Doritos!

But seriously, if any of you can read Japanese or know what’s going on with the packaging, please leave a note in the comments and explain what’s happening here.

[Photo courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele]

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電気アンマ (pronounced “denki anma”, and yes the 電気 means electricity) is the term for attacking a dude by stepping your foot on his nads and then vibrating your foot. It appears to be a common Japanese porn fetish, if Google is any indication. The last two characters are 復活 (pronounced “fukkatsu”) which means “revival” or “resurrection”.

— manfire

Those who know a smattering of Kanji in my office say that the leftmost column means something like “adds life” and the rightmost column something like “electric shock”. According to another office denizen, the phonetic characters say “doritos”.

So it’s something like “shockingly reviving doritos” or “Doritos–like a kick in the nuts!” in my translation.


Nope, the three phonetic characters for “Dorito” would be ドリト. The three phonetic characters there are アンマ, pronounced “anma”. Trust me, 電気アンマ (denki anma) means stepping on a guy’s crotch and giving him a fake electric shock by vibrating your foot — a Google search supplies hits like this one and a few that are more pornographic.

— manfire

I think everyone else has covered what’s actually going on (“Revived by an electric nut-grind!”), but I can tell you who it is: Tights-kun! IIRC the one with glasses is Jonathan and the other one is Pierre.

It’s kind of hard to summarize what they’re all about. It’s more of a mood than a story. Earnest + good-hearted + manly + surreal?

You can see the official announcement of the Doritos deal here. You can also see a blog about tights that allegedly got a nastygram from the trademark owners (because of their position in the Google results for “tights-kun” in Japanese) here.

Hope this helps!

— Matt from No-sword (via Languagehat)

Wait, I got a better translation that’s even closer to the original: ELECTRIC NUT-GRIND REVIVAL! Now to start a band.

I have a coworker and she’s full blooded Japanese. She say the flavor on the bag is “black pepper salt”

I just finished a bag with some coworkers. They do test like black pepper and salt. Pretty delicious and hilarious. One coworker returned from Japan last Monday and surprised me with a bag.

My guess is that Frito Lay became Fritos Lay or Frito Slay. Frito Slay Dragon Man then eat Chip.

So much for my Japanese cultural interpretation. Hey, they make you strong, those chips!

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