September 2005

Back in Town

by Joey deVilla on September 29, 2005

Actually, we’ve been back since Tuesday afternoon, but have been taking

it easy. Wendy and I arrived home to find a note from my sister

informing us that she left us some just-heat-it-and-eat-it stuff from

Ma Maison, a great French restaurant around the corner for her place. I

was expecting to order pizza that night, but instead we supped on some

very tasty salmon with shredded carrots and baby bok choy, salad and

apple tarts. Thanks, sis!

Wednesday was really “Wend’s Day”, as I took her about town on a

just-for-her kind of day. We first went to Rol San for dim sum (j,

we’ll have to take you here the next time you’re in town) and then to

Steve’s Music Store to pick out my wedding present to her: an acoustic

guitar. She picked out a lovely dark brown wild cherry solid-top Art

& Lutherie axe and has already learned a couple of chords. After

that, she got her hair cut at W on Queen Street West. She grew her hair

out for the wedding, but the long hair’s been driving her crazy. It’s

now a very cute bob. Finally, we grabbed a turkey/brie/avocado sandwich

at the Drake Hotel Cafe and headed home for guitar practice and to give

our new Playstation 2 game, We ❤ Katamari, a good workout.


Transcript of the Ceremony

by Joey deVilla on September 27, 2005

You can check out the transcript for our wedding ceremony on the Wendy and Joey blog.


"Fo’ Shizzle, Mah Rabbizzle!"

by Joey deVilla on September 27, 2005

I love this shot:

Photo by Ethan Zuckerman. Click it to see the source image.


Our Wedding Program

by Joey deVilla on September 27, 2005

Photo: Wedding program of Wendy Koslow and Joey deVilla.

The full text of our wedding program is now on the Wendy and Joey blog.


This is the Day

by Joey deVilla on September 24, 2005

[ Yes, although this post was made on

Monday, September 26th, I’m posting it with a Saturday, September 24th

date to commemorate a very important date in my life. ]

What Matt Johnson of the band “The The” sang ironically in the song This is the Day (an ode to nostalgia), I’m going to interpret literally:

Photo by Ethan Zuckerman. Click the photo to see his photoset.

This is the day

Your life will surely change

This is the day

When things fall into place

Rachel Barenblat, the Jewish officiant at our wedding, has already posted her blog entry about it, as has AKMA, who delivered a homily quite unlike any I’d ever heard before. Rachel’s husband Ethan Zuckerman has posted a set of his photos on Flickr. More photos are forthcoming!

And hey, just for kicks, a wedding favour from us to you: here’s This is the Day for your listening enjoyment [MP3, 5,7MB]. And yes, the lead line’s being played on accordion.


Silent Running

by Joey deVilla on September 22, 2005

As you’ve probably guessed, the blog’s been silent for the past week

because I’ve been getting ready for my wedding on Saturday. Things are

a little less crazy and I hope to write about what I’ve been up to in

my remaining hours as a free man.

I’ve been in Boston since Monday afternoon, staying with Wendy at her

parents’ place. Her folks are wonderful people and have made me feel

like one of the family (and yes, Mom, I’ve been helping clear the table

after dinner). Earlier this morning, I received a very sweet “on this

momentous occasion in your life” letter from

Mom and Dad.

The earliest of the early birds arrive tonight (Wednesday night); some

of my family from both Manila and Toronto should be in Camrbridge by

tomorrow night (Thursday). The wedding rehearsal will take place on

Friday, followed by a dinner for the wedding party and then a dessert

party to which all the out-of-town guests are invited. The big event, as the countdown

clock in the upper left-hand corner of this web page will show you, is

on Saturday.

I’ll try to squeeze in a quick post whenever I can, but there are no

guarantees. You know how it is with these life-changing ceremonies…


Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite: Together at Last!

by Joey deVilla on September 15, 2005

One always-enjoyable part of a Microsoft conference is the comedy video

spoof that they show near the beginning of one of the major keynote

presentations. This year’s is no exception. From the 2005 Professional Developer’s Conference and by way of Robert McLaws’ FunWithCoding.Net blog, here’s this year’s video, a riff on Napoleon Dynamite, featuring John Heder reprising the title role [download location 1 / download location 2] — 14.2MB Windows Media]. This isn’t taken from the source video — this was shot from a seat at the conference.

Some stills, taken from Robert McLaws’ site: