Fanfare, or the Lack Thereof

by Joey deVilla on June 23, 2005

Got this in an email from a friend, and thought it was a much better approach than the standard jeering and booing.

Subject: Fw: turn your back

Hi guys and girls:

You know that this year, as in previous ones, the Conservative Party will participate in the Pride Day Parade. Usually, they get booed and what not by the people, but we were thinking of doing something more symbolic:

When you are watching the Parade this year and you see the Conservatives approaching, remain silent, turn your back on them and let them pass by. No applause, no insults, NOTHING. Do not even look at them over your shoulder. Invite people around you to do the same.

That’s what they want to do with us in Parliament, turn their backs on us, so let’s make them feel the same, ignored, left out. Let’s give the media a nice picture: Conservatives members and supporters parading among a forest of backs and a loud silence.

Please, do it, show them how you feel. And pass this e-mail along to as many people you might think could participate in this.

P.S.: Of course, when the Conservatives are gone, remember to turn around again and enjoy the rest of the parade, hahaha! Happy Pride!!!!

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Anonymous June 23, 2005 at 12:49 pm

In Edmonton the Conservative party is one of the only ones not to attend the parade (heck even the marxist party is there!). Which, to me, says more than enough.

Anonymous June 24, 2005 at 8:17 am

Don’t you hate it when conservatives participate in diversity events? They should know not to go where they’re not wlecome — they’re basically asking for it.

I guess the implication is that they are participating in the parade, but not really doing anything else to show support — that their participation here is a facade masking inaction or the opposite. As such, the back-turning & silence is a great gesture.

But if it’s one of those “yeah, you belong to a party that has some horrible policies and even if you personally are working to change those policies from the inside we hate you because you seek reform instead of changing party affiliation and actually expect us not to indulge the stereotype we have of you” gestures, well….

Anonymous June 24, 2005 at 10:32 am

The vote on same sex marriage is a free vote. At least for the conservatives. There were, pre-Belinda Stronach’s departure to the liberals, approximately 5 conservative MPs who were willing to vote for same-sex marrage. So before you do something like this, you should at least ascertain which way that individual voted/intends to vote. Just because you see a ‘Conservative’ sign doesn’t necessarily mean they are anti-same sex marriage. Ostracising someone incorrectly because you’re uninformed does not further the cause.

Megan Harris (a conservative candidate who marched in last year’s parade) deservedly received the “Most GUTS” award from Pride Toronto for participating and representing her convictions.

Anonymous June 27, 2005 at 9:22 am

Great! Let’s show our displeasure by treating them as they treated us! I wonder how big the outcry is going to be now that Harper is not going to the Pride Parade: how dare he TURN HIS BACK ON US!

Anonymous June 27, 2005 at 9:23 pm

As a Conservative, I can say that there are many of us (a full 1 in 4 members) who are trying to change this policy from within. Ontario and Quebec Conservatives are most likely to be those in support of same-sex marriage and will likely be the ones at the parades in Toronto and Montreal.

Many Muslims, Sikhs and Jews are against same-sex marriage. Will you turn your backs on them? Are their views unwelcome in this country?

There are about 32 Liberal MPs that plan to vote against the same-sex marriage bill this week. Will you turn your backs on the Liberal party?

In fact, even one NDP member is abstaining from the vote because he cannot support the legislation.

Intolerance begets intolerance and I believe that the best way to approach this issue (same-sex marriage) is to debate it as responsible adults. Tell Conservatives that they’ll get your vote if they’ll support your issues. Respectful communication is key here.

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