May 2005

Voting Irregularities at CIRA

by Joey deVilla on May 26, 2005

CIRA, the Canadian Interney Registration Authority, is, as their “about” page says:

…a not for profit Canadian corporation that is responsible

for operating the dot-ca Internet country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)

as a key public resource for all Canadians in an innovative, open, and efficient manner.

CIRA may carry out other Internet related registration activities for the Canadian community in a similar manner.


was running for position on CIRA’s board of directors and thought he

had enough nominations, which isn’t surprising considering his many

contributions to the field of internet domains in both CIRA and ICANN.

The dude’s forgotten more about domains than I will ever learn.

One day last week, two-thirds of his nominations just disappeared. Ross’ suspicion:


person or person controlling a large block of votes purposely inflated

the amount of support for my nomination – which gave me a false

indication of my status in the process – and then withdraw that false

support minutes before the nomination process.

I am inclined to agree.

Ross has the details on his blog and the EFF’s Wendy Seltzer has blogged her take on the situation.


Welcome to the World, Ryan Joseph deVilla-Choi!

by Joey deVilla on May 26, 2005

Photo: Ryan Joseph deVilla-Choi, at 12 hours old.

Ryan Joseph deVilla-Choi at 12 hours old.

Yesterday at 8:57 a.m. EDT, my sister Eileen gave birth to the newest addition to the family (and third boy!): Ryan Joseph deVilla-Choi.

Eileen thought he looked like a “Ryan”, and as for the middle name,

“Joseph”? You get three guesses as to which proud uncle he’s named


Ryan weight 3168 grams at birth (6 pounds, 15 ounces), and as the cliche goes, “both mother and baby are doing well.”

I visited Eileen and Ryan last night and took some photos, which I’ve placed into an album — you can view the photos in album format or see them as a slideshow.


New Articles at IndieGameDev

by Joey deVilla on May 25, 2005

For those of you who are indie game developers (or hope to become one),

there are a number of new articles on one of my other blogs, IndieGameDev:



by Joey deVilla on May 25, 2005

Right about now, my sister should be giving birth to deVilla-Choi boy #3. More details as they come in.


Bon Voyage, Paul! / End of an Era

by Joey deVilla on May 25, 2005

Paul relaxes in Deenster’s kitchen, December 2004.

My housemate Paul sets off today for a summer-long trip to Europe, where he’ll divide his time between vacationing and working on a web application called Campsite.

He’ll start off in Prague, then spend some time in Warsaw, and his final weeks will be spent in Paris. Safe journey, Paul, and may you meet someone (or hey, many someones) cute!

Paul’s departure has another dimension; it marks the end of our time as housemates, as my other housemate Rob is getting married in October and I’m doing the same in September. This marks the end of an era: my time at this address, known to some as “Big Trouble in Little China”. Paul’s stuff has been moved into storage (he’ll look for a new apartment upon his return in September) and Rob and I will move out in a matter of weeks. I’ve lived here since summer 1999, making this the longest I’ve lived at one particular address since moving out of Mom and Dad’s house. Thanks to the accordion, I’ve become a bit of neighbourhood character, and I’m going to miss being able to roll out of bed and land in one of Accordion City’s most lively districts.

While I am looking forward to moving out to share a home with Wendy, I’m going to miss this lovely ol’ bachelor pad.


Every now and again, Marvel Comics would release a special edition comic book with double the number of pages and dub it “Giant-Size”. Comic book fans will remember Giant-Size X-Men #1, which introduced many of the X-Men from the movies and revitalized the series, which was in a slump at the time. There were a number of Giant-Size Spider-Man team-ups, and Giant-Size Avengers.

Marvel Comics has a character called Man-Thing, and when they giave him a book with double the number of pages, they got an unintentionally phallic title…

Photo: Comic book cover -- 'Giant-Size Man-Thing'.

Thanks to the anonymous commenter for the tip!


This Archie comic is even more unintentionally hilarious that the old Batman comic that kept using the word “boner” over and over:

Photo: Cover of an old 'Archie' comic with an unfortunate double-entendre.

They’re beat off, all right: disoriented and blind in one eye!

If Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing’s queen of all matters related to rumpy-pumpy doesn’t link to this, I shall be severely disappointed. And then I’ll have to “beat off” the blues.