Another Real Estate Find

As long as I’ve got house-hunting on the brain, how ’bout another story about US$200K+ property rife with drug activity?

An appraiser somewhere in the southwestern US posted some photos of a

house located in “an area undergoing intense renovation right now”. Three of the photos are shown below, and you can click here to see the full set.


The leaning toilet of Pisa! Perfect for those hung-over mornings wehn you need to rest your head against the wall. Click the photo to see the full set.

Fully-equipped laundry room. Bonus: if you’re too short time to do a wash, you can always simply hose your clothes down. Click the photo to see the full set.

The living room — best-kept room in the house.

It’s quite telling that the most pristine object in the place is the TV

set. The doilie is a nice touch too — the appraiser reports that the

owner uses it for his bong. Click the photo to see the full set.


appraiser says:

The current owner’s “ol’ lady” left him last year and he’s been on an

eleven month drug binge because she won’t let him see his daughter

anymore. He was a very nice guy, he even offered me a hit of meth or

pot or “whatever else I can find around here.” I declined, but he

continued on saying he would be getting about $30k out of the sale of

his house, and the only thing he could think to do with it is to buy

more drugs.


appraiser reports that the appraisal value is expected to be around

US$105K and that after renovation, the place should sell for about


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