March 2004

It’s going to be one of those weeks…

by Joey deVilla on March 29, 2004

…where it’s work, work, work. I’ll try and get caught up with my

“blogligations”. The usual blog entry will appear later tonight.

In the meantime, a little trivia about the blogs I write:


The Lessig Audiobook Project

by Joey deVilla on March 27, 2004

Last night at 11 (my timezone, Eastern Standard Time, a.k.a. GMT -5), AKMA wrote:

Anyone feel like recording a chapter of Lawrence Lessig’s new book?

The license pretty clearly indicates that, so long as we’re not

making a commercial venture of it, we can make a recording of

(“perform”) the text. There are a Preface, Introduction, fifteen

chapters, a conclusion and an afterword. If you’re willing to

contribute an MP3 recording of a chapter (ideally, hosting it on your

own server — but I’ll bet we can gird up the Disseminary

to host chapters for you, if you can host it yourself — drop us a

comment and let us know which chapters you’ll take. Heck, we could have

duelling chapters; which version of chapter 5 do you like, Accordion Guy’s or Jenny the Shifted Librarian’s?

(Disclaimer: I just typed their names in there. They haven’t offered or

anything. Yet.)

12 hours later, this item has already appeared on Boing Boing and

received 26 comments on AKMA’s site, and a flurry of email has appeared

in my inbox regarding this project. All on a Friday night! I have deduced two things from this:

  • Lessig’s work is important to a lot of us who work in that strange intersection of creative and technical.
  • I clearly need to teach my fellow bloggers how to party. It’s Friday night, people!

I have signed up to read a chapter, but haven’t chosen one yet.

I’m going to go look over the book and see if there’s one that tickeles

my fancy or if there’s one that nobody’s volunteered to read yet.

I will see if I can convince Boss Ross and Boss Ross’ boss Elliot Noss

to contribute a chapter. They’ve got great speaking voices and their

contribution to the ‘Net at large is far greater than mine. I write a

blog and helped generate some buzz for P2P; they’ve helped make the

Internet work.

But not today. I’ve got an aunt and uncle from the Philippines whom I’m joining for lunch at the St. Lawrence Market, followed by catching up with Cory’s book reading, a haircut, a couple of birthday parties to attend and a friend from out of town who need to sample some more of the local night life.

While I laud my fellow bloggers’ industriousness, I suggest that they

turn off the computer and get some fresh air. And a double rye and coke!


Blogware’s new "Post" tab

by Joey deVilla on March 26, 2004

<P>If you were to log into your Blogware Control Panel right now, you might be surprised when you see that the Navigation Bar now has a new tab:</P>
<P><IMG height=130 src=”” width=645></P>
<P>The new tab, the <STRONG>Post Tab</STRONG>, is simply a more convenient version of the <STRONG>Post Menu</STRONG>, which is tucked all the way up the upper right-hand corner of the page:</P>
<P><IMG height=181 src=”” width=304>
<P>Using the <STRONG>Post</STRONG> tab is simple: whenever you want to post a new entry, click the <STRONG>Post</STRONG> tab. You will be immediately taken to the <STRONG>Post Article</STRONG> page, as shown below:</P>
<P><IMG height=382 src=”” width=649></P>
<P>The Options submenu for the <STRONG>Post</STRONG> tab allows you to choose the kind of entry to post. The default is <STRONG>Article</STRONG>, but you can also click on <STRONG>Photo</STRONG> to post a photo to one of your photo albums…</P>
<P><IMG height=382 src=”” width=649></P>
<P>…or <STRONG>Music Review</STRONG> to post a new music review…
<P><IMG height=382 src=”” width=649></P>
<P>…or <STRONG>Movie Review</STRONG> to post a new movie review…</P>
<P><IMG height=382 src=”” width=649></P>
<P>…or <STRONG>Book Review</STRONG> to post a new book review…
<P><IMG height=382 src=”” width=649></P>
<P>Switching from one entry type to another (say, from Article to Book Review) in the middle of working on an entry will cause that entry you were working on to be erased.</P>


Today in "The Farm"

by Joey deVilla on March 26, 2004

All kinds of tasty geek reading in today’s edition of The Farm, the blog that I’m actually paid to write!


Tomorrow (Saturday, March 27th), Cory Doctorow is having his last book signing in Toronto for the forseeable future at his old employer’s: Bakka Books.

Bakka Books is at 598 Yonge Street, near Wellesley and specializes in science fiction and fantasy. The store derives its name from Dune; Bakka is the weeper for all humankind in Fremen legend.

When he worked at Bakka, it was located in my neighbourhood, the Queen West area, on Queen Street between Soho and Beverley. I remember going there back in 1992 and having some geek heartily recommend Snow Crash (“You’re in computer science? You’ve got to read this Stephenson book — he’ll be required reading for programmers someday!”). I have no idea if it was Cory or not, but it’s pretty likely.

It’ll be a don’t-miss-it geek event. Be there and be square!


In Boston next weekend

by Joey deVilla on March 26, 2004

I’m flyign down next Thursday to see my special lady and drink beer with the Boston crew. I’ll probably be dropping by the Berkman Center Thursday Night meeting (if there is one next week) and having some kind of gathering at some Beantown watering hole to be determined. If you’re in the Boston/People’s Republic of Cambridge area and want to catch up, drop me a line!


Lovely evening last night

by Joey deVilla on March 26, 2004

Last night, I stepped out with Eldon and Dave “Dave’s Picks” Polaschek, who came here all the way from Minneapolis for a little vacation. We took him to Smokeless Joe’s, tried to get into The Drake for a Vice Magazine karaoke party (some karaoke fans put me on the guest list), hit the Gladstone instead and wound up the night at the Cadillac Lounge. It was an evening of drinking, mild geekery, waiting in line, more drinking, conversation and the requisite women-fondling-my-accordion thing.

Details to follow. Gotta work.