Monthly Archives: March 2004

What a punkass

Part of my morning ritual is to check The Redhead’s blog and see what my special lady has written. One of entries today points to some guy who writes out her full name in his blog and then writes: i wrote a comment on one of her wishes for men . she sounded interesting, but […]

Really, no apology is needed.

I just got this virtual bouquet of flowers… …from a nice young lady who wanted to apologize for hanging off my accordion last Thursday night. Really, you needn’t apologize. That’s exactly the reason I walk around with the accordion in the first place!

"Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers"

Alan Graham and Bonnie Burton’s review of the best blogs out there, Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers: The Best of Blogs, is out! And among the blogs featured in the book is…The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century! As one might expect, the book also has an accompanying blog. I’d like to […]

Boston Bound

I’m flying to Boston on Thursday to catch up with The Redhead, but I’m also squeezing in time to see my Beantown peeps. Wendy’s organizing a gathering in Boston on Friday; see here for more details.

Carnival of the Canucks #15

This week’s Canadian blog linkfest is being hosted by the blog with the Atkins-compliant name, The Meatriarchy! If you’ve missed any installment of the Carnival, you can always check the archives.


[ via The Meatriarchy ] “Fluorescent” is Korean slang used to describe someone who takes a little bit longer to get the joke. Well, that’s the kind way of putting it. (Think about how fluorescent tubes light up when you turn them on and the derivation of the expression will become clear.) Adam Daifallah seems […]

Neuromancer audiobook, read by William Gibson, online

At some point during Gideon Strauss‘ blogger convivium last Christmas, I mentioned to him that I used to like programming while listening to a set of MP3s of William Gibson reading Neuromancer. I kept them on my OpenCola-issued laptop while I worked there, and I forgot to make a backup copy before dutifully handing it […]