Always confirm that you have actually reached the Legal Aid office before discussing your legal problems

by Joey deVilla on May 22, 2003

Every now and again, I get calls on my cell phone from someone trying to reach Downtown Legal Services. It turns out that their phone number is differs from mine by one digit, and that digit is easy to misdial.

Lately, it’s been getting worse and I’ve just discovered why: a typo on a web page says that you can book appointments by calling my cell number. Most of the calls are just annoying, a couple are interesting, and one I got barely five minutes ago was hilarious:

Caller: Hey man, I gotta big problem and I was told to call you guys.

Me: Problem? Is this about software development?

Caller: No man, this is about charges against me.

Me: Hang on, this isn’t —

Caller: You see, I just got charged with theft under $1000 and dangerous operation…

Me: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Stop right there. Don’t say anything more. This isn’t legal services.

Caller: It’s not?

Me: This is a private cell phone number.

Caller: And…you’re not a lawyer?

Me: No, so you shouldn’t be telling me about…um, whatever it is you did. There’s a typo on the Web site. Call Directory Assistance for the right number.

Caller: Oh shit.

Me: It’s okay. I don’t know your name, and I’ll wipe your number off my call display. And hey, it was under a thousand dollars.

Caller: Thanks, man! You rock!

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