Monthly Archives: March 2003

Art imitates life

Cory Doctorow hit the 30,000-word mark on his latest novel, usr/bin/god (ask a geeky friend who uses some version of the UNIX operating system if you don’t get the joke). To celebrate the milestone, he’s posted a 2,000-word snippet which includes this interesting paragraph: Job interview! He cringed at the words, cringed at the memory […]

Bet you didn’t know Kim Jong Il had a LiveJournal

I’ve kidded Jamie Zawinski that I thought he wasn’t disturbed enough to have a LiveJournal, but I’m sure Kim Jong Il is. And lo and behold, it turns out that “beloved leader” actually has one! Whoever’s writing it has got the LiveJournal writing style down pat, opting to write Kim Jong Il as a mopey […]

Other "Coalition of the willing" puns

A co-worker has locked up a file that I need to edit and gone for a long, long lunch. Bad, bad coworker. How can I write refugee processing software without that file? Leaving refugee data in an inconsistent state makes Baby Jesus cry. I’ll bet it makes relational database pioneer C.J. Date cry too. In […]

"Worst dates ever" stories still forthcoming

I’m just trying to carve out enought time to write those entries. Work has to take precedence as my landlord, the utilities companies and a number of stores in the market have formed a “Coalition of the Billing”.

A victory for the accordion buskers

Morgan and Vinyl Demon both pointed me to this CNN story that begins with this line: After two run-ins with police for playing his accordion on the village’s streets, Jacob Kouwe has been cleared to polka. The aptly-named town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio is a suburb of Cleveland (which, contrary to what Drew Carey will […]

Open Mike at Graffiti’s

Here’s an entry I wrote about two weeks ago but never got a chance to post. About two weeks ago, Paul and I played the open mike night at Graffiti’s and had a great time. If you’re in the Kensington Market area tonight at around 11-ish, drop by and hear us play the guitar-and-accordion rock […]

Today’s "What the Hell, people?!" award goes to…

…the increasingly rabid Indymedia for this vicious posting: The grenade attack that took place today in Kuwait is alleged to be committed by another AMERICAN SOLIDER. Repeat. The Grenade attack today was an example of Fragging–not a terrorist attack. This shows that RESISTANCE and REBELLION ARE ON THE RISE! Watch the American Free Press downplay […]