Saturday, part two

Some more photos from Saturday night.


About a quarter of Peter’s loft space was used as the dance floor. Music was provided by — of course — a computer playing from a selection fo MP3s while a laptop hooked to a projection TV showed images such as those shown below on the wall closest to the dance floor:

Peter was kind enough to post the entire set of projected images here.

Whenever you see something like this, you know it’s a good party. I’m playing Nine Inch Nails’ Closer in this shot.

Stabby the Spider. Stabby was a large decoration positioned in the back corner of Peter’s loft. Peter’s trying to think up some way to re-use him for the Christmas party. Perhaps he could paint him brown, give him a red nose and call him “Thalidomide Rudolph”.

Charles the butcher

Meeeeeeeeat! At last, a role that Charles can really sink his teeth into.

Human veal! Not even Cabbage Patch Kids are safe from the carnage.

The butcher’s now in some kind of fugue state. “Nobody make eye contact with him, and we’ll be fine…”

Paul arrives

You may already have a costume at home! We’re in “saving money mode” right at now, but Paul takes martial arts. One quick change into his gym clothes and presto-change-o — instant costume!

The Drunken Master is back! “Damn, this Canadian beer is strong…”

The ladies! The ladies!

Rowr! Leia went as a very sexy cupid, handing out cards which you were in turn supposed to hand out to whomever you lusted for.

Ashley, Suzie and Leia. They spent a lot of time on the dance floor.

“Who, sweet innocent lil’ ol’ me?” Sandra, you’re not fooling anyone.

Sandra tries on the hat.

Suzie and Kate.

When costumes collide, part two. Trysh to Kate: “I’ll get you…you and your little dog, too!” That’s not a flying monkey in the background, that’s Eric.

Me and Trysh. This shot was taken at the Velvet Underground, where we arrived at around 1:30.

Trysh tries on my shades.

Return of the Jedi

The award for most effort put into costume goes to… this guy, who cut his hair — originally waist-length — just to get the Obi-Wan Kenobi look just right.

“Obi-Wan” bought the lightsaber from one of those online places that makes replicas that are very faithful to the movies, right down to the glow. Unfortunately, the flash on my camera makes the saber appear white; it actually glows blue.

The dance floor at Velvet Underground. A lightsaber is handy for clearing out some space to dance.

Trysh tries the lightsaber on for size. Mind you, that’s not the proper way to hold a real one — at least not if you want to keep your fingers.

My new lightsaber/accordion style is unstoppable! “Begun, this squeezebox war has.”

All right, all right, I promise I won’t sell any more deathsticks! Who let the Jedi into the bar?

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