Monthly Archives: March 2002

When Elephants Dance

Michael Frasse has an interesting essay on the Arts and Farces site called When Elephants Dance that covers the battle between the entertainment industry and everyone else. Here’s some stuff from the essay: When elephants dance, it’s best to get out of the way. That’s exactly what’s happening now as the entertainment industry — the […]

More musical notes O Crest Whitestrips Where Art Thou? From this story in the New York Times (free registration required): The Grammy success of “O Brother” (a total of five awards), the album’s subsequent No. 1 ranking on the Billboard chart (above Brandy and Alanis Morissette) and its impressive sales of 4.4 million copies have […]

Almost forgot… Happy Passover, everyone! And it’s Easter Weekend coming up, so Happy Easter too! And of course, what’s a religious holiday without beer?

Wait till they start doing it to CDs with good music Although one may view it as karmic punishment for encouraging Celine Dion to keep recording more audio diarrhea, it’s still bad news: there are reports that the copy-prevention (or copy-protection, as the Techniban like to call it) on Celine Dion’s latest waste of polycarbonate […]

Sorry for skewing technical… …but I am a computer programmer after all. I promise, there’s some funny slice-of-life stuff coming soon. Promise. By the way, this Sunday marks the end of the first quarter of 2002, which means it’ll be time for the AccordionGuy Quarterly Report, complete with point-form presentations and charts, but still more […]

The War on Corporate Terrorism Marches On Some words from the other cool Asian tech evangelist While working as OpenCola‘s Director of Developer Relations (which made me Cory’s lieutenant on the evangelism front), I used former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki as my role model. He remains my role model as in my developer relations and […]

“Look to the cookie!” First, a joke Two psychiatrists are walking down the street when they run across man lying on the sidewalk, beaten and bloodied, moaning in terrible pain. “Look!” said one psychiatrist to the other. “Whoever did this needs our help!” Incident at Charlottesville In January, a group of black high school students […]