Now you’re just talkin’ CRAZY, Jesus.

by Joey deVilla on November 20, 2019


You’ve probably heard of South Dakota’s latest campaign to raise awareness of methamphetamine addiction: “Meth. We’re on it.”

If not, you might want to check out these stories:

Here’s the “Meth. We’re on it.” TV ad:

This isn’t South Dakota’s first questionable public service announcement rodeo. A few years back, they had the ill-conceived “Don’t jerk and drive” campaign:

It’s a poor double entendre — the joke meaning is easy to get, but it’s really hard to tell what they really mean by “jerking and driving.” It turns out that it’s the tendency to suddenly the steering wheel when you start to skid on snowy roads.

Here’s their TV ad:

Naturally, this campaign didn’t last very long before it was —ahem — pulled.


Here’s an astute observation made by Steven Trustrum for those of you who feel that people these days are “too sensitive,” “politically correct,” or “just a bunch of SJWs”:

Notice how it’s white people who tend to say “People these days are too sensitive. Remember when people could say what they want and people were thick-skinned enough to not freak out?”

Here’s the thing: Such times never existed.

What you actually remember is a time when you could be an asshole to people who society systemically discriminated against and they were too afraid to tell you that you were being an asshole because, if they did, society (including the police) would take your side and punish them for standing up to you.

What you’re experiencing now isn’t people being “too sensitive.”

You’re experiencing a time when sufficient equality exists that people can now safely tell you what an asshole you are.

Feel free to spread this screen capture far and wide:


As soon as I saw the words “Walmart”…

and “Pasco”…

in the same headline, this was my reaction:

…and I was not disappointed. The reports are still coming in, but here’s what WFLA 8 news had to say in their story titled Pasco deputies use Taser to remove individual from inside Walmart ceiling:

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (WFLA) — An individual under the influence had to be removed from inside the ceiling of a New Port Richey Walmart Tuesday afternoon.

The incident occurred at the Walmart at the intersection of State Road 54 and Little Road.

It has not been specified how the person got into the crawl space above the ceiling, but Pasco deputies were able to get them down with the help of a Taser.

The Walmart was temporarily evacuated while deputies were working to coax the individual out of the ceiling and deputies are still on scene investigating the incident.

The story will be updated, which is a good thing, because I have many questions.

Because this is Florida, this is the second incident in a month where someone was hiding out in the ceiling of a store:

From the WLBT 3 story titled Deputies: Florida woman hides in store’s ceiling for six hours to try to avoid shoplifting arrest:

Around 7:30pm Thursday, the manager of a Big Lots store in Port Charlotte called the sheriff’s office when she suspected a woman was shoplifting. The manager told deputies that a woman had gone to the restroom with a shopping cart full of items and when the manager went to check on her, she found garbage cans blocking the door.

The manager warned the woman deputies were on their way and entered the restroom, only to find the woman wasn’t there and several tiles had been removed from the ceiling.

Deputies arrived and say they started removing ceiling tiles all over the store, spotting the woman several times, but say she ignored commands to give up and come down.

The store was evacuated in case the woman fell through the ceiling and the fire department was called to put up ladders and use thermal imaging to try to locate the woman. While searching, deputies say they found the woman’s purse and inside were three syringes and a spoon that tested positive for morphine.

I’ll close this post with this supercut video of people falling through drop ceilings:


Strings attached

by Joey deVilla on November 19, 2019


When your coworker won’t sit still for a selfie

by Joey deVilla on November 19, 2019

Joey deVilla and a blurry Mr. Baloo Da Bear, an Akita.

Click the picture to see it at full size.

Baloo is a fine coworker, but he can make portraiture difficult.


The meme that refuses to die

by Joey deVilla on November 19, 2019

Another “Woman yelling at cat” meme, with the woman yelling “It’s called ‘Netflix and chill!’, and the cat responding “It’s now called ‘Disney Plus and thrust’”.