Goodbye, sweet Camaro!

by Joey deVilla on March 26, 2015

The business trip is drawing to a close, and I had to bid farewell to my new best friend this morning:

Photo: Joey deVilla's rental yellow Camaro and his accordion, side by side.

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I kept the accordion that got me the car in the first place, but I had to return the Camaro. Even the rental car pickup guys were impressed; I guess it doesn’t get out much.

As a way of saying goodbye, I blasted this song out of the stereo while zipping down the Mass Pike this morning — a song that will likely never be played in the car again, as it’s pretty unknown outside Canada:

For my American friends into ’80s alt-rock, this song might be more meaningful:


Comparison: How to tell the difference between evil parallel-universe you and the real you

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See the original at Medium Large.


Diagram: Lunar eclipse (earth between moon and sun), solar eclipse (moon between earth and sun), and apocalypse (sun between earth and moon)

Found via Enno Park.

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What I’m driving this week: The Yellow Peril!

by Joey deVilla on March 22, 2015

Headline: My ride for the week / Photo: A yellow Camaro in the a rental car parking lot.

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I’m in Concord, Massachusetts this week to pay a visit to the head office of my employer, GSG. Concord’s a bit of a hike from Logan Airport in Boston, so work arranged for me to rent a mid-size car.

When I got to the garage, the guy saw the accordion and asked if I could play him a tune. One AC/DC number later, he said “For that, you get a free upgrade. Take any car from those two aisles.”

One particular one caught my eye. “Any one?” I asked, just to make sure.

“I know which one you’re talking about,” he said. “Take it.

And so I did. It’s the car pictured above. It’s a couple of stripes (and one Autobot) shy of Bumblebee, so I’ve dubbed it The Yellow Peril.

I put the one Boston rock station I remember on the stereo and put her through her paces on I-90 and 95. She handles rather nicely.

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Anitra and me, summarized in a single illustration

by Joey deVilla on March 17, 2015


Lifehack of the day

by Joey deVilla on March 17, 2015

lifehack of the day

That’s me: always full of good ideas!


How my day began

by Joey deVilla on March 17, 2015

how i started my day

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Pretty nicely, I must say. The background is the view from my yard this morning; the foreground shows part of my complete breakfast.

In case you’re wondering, the cold brew mix that Trader Joe’s sells is pretty decent. Cut with water or milk, it makes a decent iced coffee, livens up a protein shake, and I’ll bet that it makes for some good mixed drinks and shots. At about $8, it lives in the cost-benefit middle ground between brewing your own and going to your local coffee shop.