Start your bad trip with Donald trump-shaped ecstasy

by Joey deVilla on August 22, 2017

“Raving” is a perfectly good adjective for Donald Trump, so it only makes sense that someone — in this case, a father-and-son team of recreational pharmaceutical brokers in Germany — would make ecstasy pills shaped like the Mango Mussolini and tinted to match.

This may be the first and only time that the words “Trump” and “ecstasy” are linked together.


“There were mistakes made…in BOTH EYES.”

by Joey deVilla on August 21, 2017

Thanks to Nick DeMelas for the quip!


I’m all set for the eclipse!

by Joey deVilla on August 21, 2017

Joey deVilla’s office desk, featuring solar eclipse glasses on his keyboard.

Click the photo to see it at full size.

Anitra ordered a dozen eclipse-viewing sunglasses months ago, so I’m prepared. I even have a spare pair to share with my officemates!

Luckily for me, the Sourcetoad office setup is such that I have to only walk fifteen paces to get outside:

The front door and bench outside Sourcetoad’s office, which is in a “boardwalk” style office complex over a pond.

So far, the weather looks like it’s going to cooperate. Here’s one view looking out from the front of the office:

View of pond behind Sourcetoad’s offices, featuring other offices in the same “boardwalk” complex.

Here’s another view, featuring the smoker’s gazebo:

View of pond behind Sourcetoad’s offices, featuring a gazebo at the endof a pier.

Want to know how the eclipse will travel across the U.S.? Watch this video:


In today’s edition of the Tampa Bay Times, local hero Roberto Torres — owner of the Blind Tiger Cafés, Black & Denim Clothing Company, and CoWork Ybortalks about immigration, its clichés, the need to dispel the notion that immigration is bad, and how Tampa became his home. I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with Roberto, and he’s a wonderful guy and one of Tampa’s greatest human assets. I hope to hang out with him more!


FYI, the actual “14 words”which the Anti-Defamation League calls “the most popular white supremacist slogan in the world” — is “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”. It was coined by David Lane, of the white supremacist terrorist group known with a made-for-TV-movie name: The Order. He died in 2007 while serving 190 years’ worth of prison sentences for racketeering, conspiracy, and violating the civil rights of Jewish talk radio host Alan Berg (Lane was the getaway driver for Berg’s murder).

Whenever you hear some bigot using the phrase “14 words”, that’s what they’re talking about.



by Joey deVilla on August 18, 2017

Grocery cash register digital readout that says 'Try a tasty cookie warmed in Owen'.

I’m sure that even Owen thinks this is a bad idea.


Sign of the day

by Joey deVilla on August 18, 2017

Sign on gate that reads: Please do not enter the dangerous area beyond this gate! You quite possibly will get hurt, then you will sue, then a protracted court battle will ensue exhausting your financial resources and you will lose because this sign that warned you will be 'Exhibit 1'.

Found via my current favorite Twitter account, You Had One Job.