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Meanwhile, in Japan…

by Joey deVilla on November 22, 2014

rebellious phase

“Rebellious Phase,” Japanese high school student Kimura Daisuke’s painting of himself as a sailor scout, recently won the Grand Prize in Shizuoka Prefecture’s Arts and Crafts Exhibition. As the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun puts it, “it’s a unique piece depicting a fearless look”. Considering the culture in Japan (they make chocolate that looks like sushi so men can eat it in public without being thought of as girly), this is serious rebellion.


Unfortunate sign placement, shopping mall Santa edition

by Joey deVilla on November 21, 2014

make a date with santa

On the bright side, you will get something in your stocking.


Buffalo’s new slogan

by Joey deVilla on November 20, 2014



Vladimir Putin, pickup artist

by Joey deVilla on November 20, 2014

vladimir putin pickup artist


snow on the roof

Click to see the photo at full size.

“Aerodynamics and visibility be damned…I’ve got places to be!”


walmart tagalog mandarin hindi ads

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S., happens next week. It’s a big deal to retailers, and Walmart is reaching out to Asian-Americans in an interesting way: their languages. They recently released three ads following the same rough script, but each one tailored toward their target audience’s culture.

Each ad features an Asian extended family (mom, dad, son, uncle, and grandmother), a joke about how grandma will be a key player in their Black Friday shopping expedition, and culture-specific mannerisms. For example, the Tagalog (or Taglish, if you prefer) version shown below includes the Filipino mannerism of pointing with one’s lips:

Here’s the Mandarin version…

…and here’s the Hinglish version:

Remember, Black Friday and Thanksgiving don’t exist in the Philippines, China, or India — these are ads for specific cultures within the U.S. Market. It’s an interesting development and another step on the road to 2042, when it’s believed that ethnic and racial minorities will make up the majority of the U.S. population…and I’ll be part of that.

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